Fort Bedmar


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Fort Bedmar was built in 1701 for the Marquis of the same name, in a strategic place where the Clingedijk and the Koningsdijk crossed. The square fort was one of the most important fortifications of the Bedmar line. Interestingly, these new forts were much bigger than their predecessors, because the range of the guns was much larger. Today there is a campsite on the site of the fort. If you look closely, however, you can see many remains. For example, the slight slope of the campsite is the glacis, the raised shooting zone before the fort. The layout of the campsite suggests the shape of the earlier fort. Behind the laurel hedge, much of the inner canal has been preserved. On the access roads towards the campsite, cobbles mark the fort moats and a cross-section in Corten steel reveals the structure and height of Fort Bedmar.