Visitor centre Middelburg (Belgium)

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Today, Middelburg is a charming miniature village in the outer corner of Oost-Vlaanderen, but that’s not always been the case. During the Middle Ages, it was a real town with a lovely castle and an equally impressive and turbulent history. The rich past of this once bustling town and its prestigious castle may now be largely hidden, but today the street plan is exactly as it was in medieval times! Middelburg was therefore the first village in Flanders to be classified as a whole as a protected archaeological monument.

Since the excavations of the castle in 2002, that rich history has become increasingly tangible and real. Based on excavated objects, illustrations, maps and text, you can delve into Middelburg’s past in the visitor centre. The exciting short film “Het Bladelin-Mysterie”, featuring Carry Goossens in the main role, and a digital visualisation of the castle reveal this past once again. So take a look and let history speak.

For opening hours and more information:
Bezoekerscentrum Middelburg (in Belgium)
Groene Markt 6a
B-9992 Middelburg (Maldegem)
Tel: 0032 (0)50 71 87 13