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The work started as a redoubt which was constructed during the siege of Sluis in 1604 by the States as part of the circumvallation line (see Bordeelschans). It was situated at the fork of the road from Aardenburg to Bruges and Sluis. In the years after the siege, the redoubt was expanded to become a square earthen redoubt with a bastion on each corner and surrounded by a wide inner canal with an envelope and a narrow outer canal around it. On the western side, there was a ravelin in the canal. The name is derived from the village of Heille (Heillerschans) or from the River Ee (Eederschans), which are both near the redoubt.

In 1672, the redoubt and the stronghold of Aardenburg were abandoned. In 1691, the redoubt was demolished. In the second half of the 19th century, an estate was built on the inner yard of the former redoubt including a villa and coach house. Parts of the main canal and some contours of the walls are still visible. Now, however, the Elderschans is mainly a leafy 19th century estate with old trees and lovely stinsen plants, where you can enjoy a walk.