Sincfala, Museum of the Zwinstreek (Zwin region, Knokke-Heist)

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In the visitor centre, discover the exciting and turbulent history of the Zwin region spanning 2000 years: the land reclamation, a unique scale model of the harbour town of Sluis in around 1400, the wars in the region, the emergence of Duinbergen and Het Zoute, the development of tourism.

In the old school (1899), you learn all about the hard life of the fishermen and their families. Taste the special folk culture. Sit in the school benches.

In the museum garden, go on board the Jessica, a shrimp boat from the 1930s.

For children
In the film auditorium, you travel with Fonske and his sheep through time. Children take a different route in the museum with some fun games and activities. In the holidays, they explore the museum through mystery tours and searches.

For schools
Travel with your class 50 years back in time. The museum welcomes school visits and has educational packages for both primary and secondary schools.

For opening hours and more information:
Sincfala, Museum van de Zwinstreek
Pannenstraat 140
B-8300 Knokke-Heist
Tel.: + 32 (0)50 630 872
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